We’re excited to introduce you to Stuart Tucker- our new Landscaper designer, Insect & Disease Consultant

About Stuart:

Q; Do you have a special landscaper “trademark” that you’re known for?
A: Yes I do. It would be using Canadian developed hardy shrub roses in my landscape planning. I love their beauty, hardiness and disease resistance. Anyone can have success with these roses.

Q: What do you love about landscaping?
A: The whole thing. I did landscaping to put myself through University and have been doing it ever since. I just love it.

Q; Where are you from?
: I grew up in Edmonton and have been in Lacombe since 1978...a proud Central Albertan!

  1. Q. Do you come on-site for consultations?

A: Yes, we come to you, depending on the distance. For more details on travel rate please contact us. You can also meet with us at the garden centre.

Q: What does a typical landscape consultation consist of?

A: Typically, a consultation consists of an in depth-discussion on a variety of topics.: likes and dislikes, deck or patio, tree types, shrub types, perennials and annuals. Water features or not. Privacy concerns. Is there a need for a quiet corner? How about a children’s play area? BBQ/outdoor kitchen even. Landscape lighting and the list goes on. The time involved depends on the complexity of the project.

Q: What is a utility right of way and who needs to know?

A: A Utility Right of Way (ROA) is an easement(s) on a property where Utility lines are located underground. Mainly sewer, water, power, natural gas and telecommunications. There are specific regulations that are applicable when doing any construction work within these ROA’s. A Landscape designer should be aware of these rules and also any Town/City/County bylaws that may apply to these ROA’s.  

Q: Who do we contact before doing any landscape/fence work?

A:  Contact Alberta One Call. They will come out and flag lines at your location. Be safe and always contact them first.  http://albertaonecall.com/

Q: What is an RPR?

A: An RPR is a real property report. It can also be listed as a plot plan which consists of a survey of the land and permanent buildings.

Q: What is the average length of time to get the landscape plan done?

A: Rough sketches are done during a consultation for landscape designs and plans, and the formal drawing could be ready within 2 to 3 weeks. It does depend on how big the yard is and the complexity of the plan.

Q: Why should anyone use a landscape designer?

A: A landscape designer can help save you money by planting materials that are hardy for your specific area. You can rely on their skill to ensure proper placement of materials and also enables you to plan in stages which can be an advantage as well. Investing in a landscape design can also enhance s the look of your home and increase property value. A rule of thumb is 10% of the home’s value should be budgeted for landscape completion. It also gives your home and garden that professional curb appeal.  

Q: What are some of the current trends you encounter in landscape design?

In general, I spend more time designing back yards than front yards. I’m seeing such a strong interest in creating a back yard oasis with a patio or gazebo. There is also a huge resurgence of ‘Grown Your Own’ so people are returning to backyard vegetable gardens and planting their own fruit trees and shrubs. Also, with the backyard oasis comes more cooking outdoors, so BBQ stands are now becoming outdoor kitchen areas with full food prep. So, let’s have some fun and have herbs close by for that fresh flavor ingredient.    

Q; What is one of your most popular landscape design requests?

A: I’d say water features and patios.  People are interested in water features of all sizes. Water has, to most people, a very calming effect. After a busy day at the workplace, coming home and relaxing on the patio with a little burbling fountain is a great stress reliever.

For patios the sizes also vary. Primarily people are looking for creative spaces to enjoy outside, sitting with friends and family.  

For all your landscape design questions or to book an appointment with me please call Parkland Garden Centre at 403-346-5613.