Landscape Testimonials

I have always been really happy with Serena and found her landscape design services to be really handy. She gives advice for plants that survive in the right locations. She’s practical and friendly to deal with plus, she came out to us so it was really convenient. She did a rough sketch for us, and we worked in stages. This was totally worth it for us. Had we chosen and planted our own plant material...we likely would have planted in wrong areas where they may not do well. Using Serena’s services was a time and money saver.
Serena did our landscape plans for us and we’ve lived in a few places. She comes out to our home each time and really listens to what we need. She comes up with the plans and colours and schemes. She knows her plants and provides great options. She is such an excellent listener. When she comes with the plan we don’t have any changes. Now our friends comment on our yard-when you walk in it’s a piece of art. I love plants and gardens and I feel it was a good investment too because I have also learned about plants along the way.
We went and met with Serena to get help to develop a landscape plan for our yard. She came to our house and at the time it was a huge blank canvas. She asked us questions like what our favorite plants were and we talked about what function certain plants had. We are very happy with the results. For us, getting a professional landscape design was a time and money saver. We weren’t starting something and then having to rip it up. It was well worth her fee to have Serena come out and we have recommended her to friends.